What’s Behind My Song: After All

Why I Decided to Compose This Song

I wanted to express the feeling of accomplishment one gets after finally finishing and completing something. For example, the feeling of finishing the examinations which you’ve studied hard for, or the feeling after a performance you’ve rehearsed and prepared for tirelessly.

Along with that, I also composed this original to portray the sense of solitude and alone time which I felt during quarantine (known as circuit breaker in Singapore), when I was unable to meet up with all my friends from school. The time I had at home enabled me to engage in some personal reflection, and I wanted to express these feelings of isolation and alone time in this original piece as well.

Feeling of the Song

The song should invoke sentimental and tender feelings, with a tinge of nostalgia, as if one is longing for a good dream to last a while more before waking up. 

Playing Techniques

Throughout the piece, I decided to use chord harmonies which slowly move upwards, to create a spiritual lifting feeling. I also decided to use harmonics at the end to portray the tenderness of the music. 

My Music Mentor – The Accompanying Music

My music mentor, Julian Wong, collaborated with me on this track. He majors in Piano, and I really look up to him as a musician. I’m very honored to be able to have him collaborate with me in my own original, and his accompaniment really makes a difference in the track. 

Upcoming Live Performance – Sunburst 2020

Pic Credits: Uncle Jeremiah Choy

The Sunburst 2020 is an online pre-recorded livestream charity concert which will feature this original being played by both Julian Wong and me. I recently met up with my mentor Julian Wong at my arts school to record the piece together. (bottom picture).

I was incredibly excited when he agreed to do the recording with me. I first met him 4 years back (top picture) when I was a performer for the Child Aid charity event and he was the music director. I even got him to sign my ukulele!


*I will be releasing the scores for this original composition in the near future, so do stay tuned!

I am very grateful for all the support I receive.

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