This is where I will be uploading the tabs for all of my originals.

*Unfortunately, I am unable to upload tabs here for other songs due to complicated copyright issues. I also do not have tabs for all the songs that I’ve played because I play by ear. However, I do have the tabs for some songs, and if you would really like them, you may contact me privately to ask for them. If I have arranged tabs for the music you’re asking for, I will send them over to you for educational purposes only.

Morning Breeze – Original

Coming soon

Stallion – Original

Coming soon

Gotta Go Guam – Original

Coming soon

Afterall – Original

Coming soon

I am very grateful for all the support I receive.

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(*Because I am too young to own a bank account, the name shown will be my mom’s name. But no worries, it will show a picture of me!)

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