What’s Behind My Song: Gotta Go Guam

Why I Decided to Compose This Song

I decided to compose this song after my trip to Guam, where I performed overseas for the first time in my life. The song reflects my experience in Guam: the people I met there, the general atmosphere, and also my hope of returning to Guam someday. 

My Experience in Guam 

In contrast to Singapore’s fast-paced lifestyle, most of the people I met in Guam had a very laid back and relaxed approach to life. The people there often say, “Chamorro time…” which basically means time is not an issue so… relax and take your time.

So, I composed this song to bring out feelings of relaxation and light-heartedness. It should feel as if you’re spending a day at Guam, with all your troubles and stress fading away. To create this feeling, I decided to write this piece at a rather relaxed tempo, with a comfortable and cheery melody and rhythm to represent the light-hearted lifestyles of the people living in Guam.

The higher and more upbeat parts later on in the song represent my excitement as I witness the exhilarating nightly performances along the beach.

Playing Techniques

In this piece, I used a technique called sequencing, where the main theme of the song is repeated at different sections of the song with slight variations in order to further emphasise the main theme of the song. For example, I replicated the main melody of the verses in the piece into the chord progression of the last chorus after the key modulation, paired up with occasional licks to add more excitement. 


The piece starts in A major, then modulates a semi-tone up to A sharp major or B flat major at the chorus after the bridge. The modulation of keys represents the entrance of the climax of the song. The climax of the song alludes to the peak of my trip in Guam where I was up on stage, performing, and interacting with a rather large crowd.

Accompanying Music

Unlike some of my other original compositions such as Stallion and AfterAll, this song was officially released without a band track or accompanying music. I did this to retain the Island-feel and the pure sound of the ukulele for a clean-sounding piece.


*I will be releasing the scores for this original composition in the near future, so do stay tuned!

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