Evan Reviews: Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 – A Great Choice for Beginners

*this review is not sponsored and features only my personal and honest opinion of the ukulele model reviewed.

The Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7, constructed of Spalted Mango in a classic design, is the first ever ukulele I’ve ever owned.

The Story of My First Ukulele

Posing with my Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 on Christmas Day
Posing with my Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7

This ukulele, being my first, holds a special significance to me. As I have written in my About page, I tried my very best to convince my dad to get me this ukulele after being blown away by YouTube videos online. This ukulele was a gift from my dad to me (I paid for my subsequent ukuleles😝), and it sparked the beginning of my music journey.

The ukulele was purchased from a music shop back when I was living in Bangkok, Thailand for around USD$170. When my dad came home from work holding my first ukulele that day, I was so delighted that I spent the rest of the day playing it. I was about 8 years old then and was very pleased with this ukulele, so much that playing this ukulele overtook my interest in video games. Today (7 years later), I am still very pleased with this ukulele of mine. 😌

Though I can also say that I have also now taken a liking to Call of Duty mobile games as a teenager. 😄

Okay, enough of blabbering about my story. Let’s get straight to the review…

What I believe the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 is good for

Photo of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 that I personally own
Photo of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 that I personally own

This ukulele is very comfortable to play due to the low action of the strings making it easier to press the strings at the frets. This, combined with its generally warm tone, enables me to make a good first attempt at complex arrangements.

The songs or ukulele arrangements I enjoyed attempting on this ukulele are from various ukulele virtuosos such as Kalei Gamiao, Jake Shimabukuro, Aldrine Guerrero, etc. I have included videos of me attempting such songs with this ukulele model in the section below.

The Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 is a great pick for ukulele beginner players wanting to try their hands on these types of ukulele *virtuosic arrangements. After all, I began playing the ukulele with this particular model!

This makes practicing the ukulele and learning new techniques more convenient as well because there are ukulele tabs of these popular songs all over the internet.

*ukulele virtuosic playing involves plucking the bass, melody and accompaniment simultaneously in order to emulate the style and feel of more complex songs.

Songs I’ve Played Using This Ukulele

Here are all of my YouTube videos featuring this ukulele. You’ll be able to hear the sound of the ukulele in every one of these videos and make your own judgement.

On a side note, the videos I have linked here are super old…They are videos of me when I was still a kid…and yikes! It was so cringe for me to watch those videos with my squeaky voice in it! 👅

Let me know in the comments what you think about the sound quality of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7.

Let’s dance by Jake Shimabukuro – Cover

Flamenco (fan strumming) techniques

*I entered my first competition (Ribbee’s World Ukulele Championship online) at 11 years old with this ukulele and this song. I was awarded The Rising Star Award.

Attempt of Dragon by Jake Shimabukuro – Cover

Tremolo picking, among various other techniques

Funky Tango by Kalei Gamiao – Cover

String bending techniques and syncopation of melodies

Tsunami by Chris Salvador – Cover

Fingerstyle techniques

Viva La Vida by Coldplay – Cover

Looping techniques played with BossME-25 effects

The Unknown by Kalei Gamiao

Continuous transitions between fast strumming and finger-style plucking

Summary of the Pros and Cons of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7

Photo of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 that I personally own
Photo of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 that I personally own


  • The ukulele has a generally all-rounded sounding tone
  • Bright sound with good projection
  • The feel of the ukulele is very comfortable on the fingers which allows me to play with maximum comfort
  • Easy to play and good for beginners at ukulele
  • Strum has a very clear and clean overall sound with no muddiness


  • Sometimes very high notes on the fret board would cause an occasional buzzing noise
    • This means that arrangements which need the player to go high up the fret board are discouraged
  • Otherwise, everything else is decent and good. 👍 

My Personal Recommendations

Photo of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 that I personally own
Photo of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 that I personally own

I would recommend this ukulele to…

  • those who like to sing and strum
  • those who like to play simple and clean finger-style arrangements
  • those who are beginning to learn and try out ukulele virtuosic playing

I would NOT recommend this ukulele to…

  • full-time, serious or aspiring virtuosic ukulele artists as this ukulele is more suited towards chill and casual ukulele players who like to jam for fun.
    • for such players, I would recommend a more advanced model that usually comes with *higher action strings that will allow you to play the more complex finger-style arrangements with more clarity for each note.

*Higher action strings refers to the distance between the strings and the fret board

Is the price (USD$170) worth it to me? 

I think the price is worth it especially for a clean sounding concert ukulele of this quality.

Photo of the Oscar Schmidt Concert Ukulele OU7 that I personally own

My rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.8 out of 5 Stars

Overall a “feel-good” ukulele more suited for strumming and laid-back finger-style ukulele players rather than hardcore virtuosic artists and a very comfortable size and sound.

I am very grateful for all the support I receive.

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